For Members

This Members’ area hosts all the documentation of the Trekkers club – except the current schedule which is on the Home (Welcome) page. A new outings schedule is posted there each season – snowshoeing, canoeing and hiking. This is good to post by your calendar, but > Note: All treks are subject to last minute changes due to weather or other variables. Membership email communication is the procedure we follow to notify of any last minute changes – typically by 8 am the morning of the outing.

The management committee worked hard in the club’s first year, setting up the framework to make the outings program run smoothly and safely. Now it’s a case of maintaining the momentum. You are welcome to express interest in joining the committee.

Management Committee for 2019:

Chair: Phil Meades, Treasurer: Vickie Tranter, Secretary: Position Vacant, Membership: Dave Northcote, Outings: Chris Whittemore, Directors At Large: Wally Ozog, Peter Brogden, Anne Marie Vanlieshout
Website and Liaison to the Co-op Board: Pamela Marsales

A Trekkers General Meeting (TGM) will be held each Fall. There may be openings on the Management Committee. Please consider putting your name forward.

TGM 2019 will be held on Mon. Dec. 2 at 10:00 am at the Fish Hatchery – watch for details to be confirmed by members’ email.

Forms and Policies to Download:

Trekkers Application

Trekkers Risk Management Policies (4 pages), Guest Waiver, Landowner Protocol, Landowners Agreement, Incident Reporting Form

Here is the club’s Draft Constitution. Find more general reference material under Resources and Links.