Many generous Landowners make their property available for organized Trekkers outings. If you’d like to explore this opportunity, send us a Contact form with Landowner in the subject line. There are some materials you might be interested to review in the Resources section.

In some cases, the Landowner proudly leads the Trek, sharing stories about the pioneer history or natural features of the property. Alternatively, a Landowner can give a Trekkers Leader a preview of the trails on their property and decline any participation in the group outing. Either is fine. The Landowner can be assured that the Club has safety and risk management policies in place. All Trekkers have signed a Waiver upon Membership acknowledging the risk of the activity, and taking responsibility for their own wellbeing. Likewise, the Landowner undertakes due diligence to present his/her property in a safe manner, mindful of any hazards that need to be avoided by the group. See > Landowners Agreement and Agreement Protocol.

We are so fortunate to reside in the scenic, natural near-wilderness of the Haliburton Highlands. Sharing a special acreage with persons who will truly appreciate it, can be a very rewarding experience. We’d love to hear about some new potential Trekking venues!